About Me

Meg Metu


Hi, I’m Margaret Metu, the founder of securemoneyonline.com. I’m a computer engineer and a digital marketing specialist.

Growing up, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to be. You know what we always wished to be as kids; like doctor, lawyer, teacher, but in my case, I actually joined ART department in high school because I felt every talent I possessed related to Art. E.g singing, writing songs, writing stories. I never really imagined myself doing anything outside Art.

Then, after high school, I had to do some part-time job just to help out in the family, and then, knowing I hated these 9-5 jobs, I needed to find a different option.

Knowing you don’t own the business that you are fighting so hard to build should make you worry. What if you wake up one day and the next thing you hear is that you are fired? Trust me, it’s not a wonderful experience.

One day, I was just surfing the internet, looking for some make money online opportunities, then I stumbled upon an article that revealed everything about digital marketing to me.

I have never been so sure of what I wanted to be in life. From then on, I started working towards acquiring this skill, and I succeeded.

It’s been three years already and I’ve helped scaled a lot of businesses by not just increasing their online presence and search engine rankings, but also making sure all their website visitors turn to paying customers.

About Blog

Securemoneyonlne.com was founded in 2018 with businesses, teenagers /youths, and brands in mind.

Knowing how hard the society has become, securemoneyonline present to you some verified make money online opportunities.

There is a lot of money on the internet these days; you don’t need to involve yourself in some fraudulent activities to be able to earn some bucks online.

For business owners, this blog present you with some tips and tricks that will help in scaling up your business.

As a business owner, there are tools that are super necessary for you to have.

Take instagram tools for example.

Who doesn’t want his instagram account to move from 0 follower to millions of followers? Who doesn’t want to know the latest social media trends?

Trust me, as a brand or business owner, you need to know all these things as it will help you stay ahead of your competitors.